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Emotional Remedies for Uncertain Times

This is a reprint of an email that Suzanne recently sent out. She's a 5th generation Master Herbalist who is a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of experience. Scroll down to the end for her free consultation offer.

Whew! The past few months have been a time of intense stress and anxiety for all. It still is, now we begin to see the writing of our new reality, whatever that will be for each of us. It is a time of change! These times bring emotions to the top and front. Managing emotions as they come up begins with naming them. What is it? Fear? Worry? Depression? Shock? Anger? We all react differently when stress or anxiety walk into our lives. I turn to the Bach Flower Remedies to restore emotional balance and positivity. Here are a few that cross my mind:

  • Walnut – use to assist in making needed changes and steady the resolve to make those changes.

  • Star of Bethlehem – use to soothe and heal emotional trauma.

  • Cherry Plum – use to restore a sense of emotional control and clear emotional desperation.

There are 38 Bach Flower remedies in all. It is not always easy to tell which remedy or combination of remedies will suit. I am offering a free consultation for anyone that would like to find-out their personal ‘remedy’. Please call or email to set a time for a consult, I look forward to speaking with you.  In good health, Suzanne Woods, 5th Generation Master Herbalist 510-684-8581 Copyright © 2020, Herbcraft RX, All rights reserved.

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