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Background Information

Clinical Nutrition

This uses muscle testing in conjunction with acupressure points to assess the body’s nutritional status and determine the appropriate supplements that are needed to support it. Operating with the belief that all of the body’s actions and functions will occur normally if the proper nutritional support is present, we look at each system and determine if there are needs that are not being met. Once these nutritional needs are determined we will establish a recommended program of foods, whole food supplements, herbs, and/or homeopathic remedies to best support your health.

Acupoint Integrative Testing (AIT)

AIT is the most accurate and comprehensive system for evaluating an individual’s nutritional needs and designing a highly effective program of designed clinical nutrition. It was developed by biochemist Daniel Newell, AP, MS, CN, one of the country’s foremost authorities in the clinical application of Standard Process products and Senior Technical Consultant for Standard Process of Northern California. AIT is based on over 20 yrs. of research, consulting and clinical experience, as well as teaching this method to physicians of all disciplines across the USA.

AIT combines well-established methods of kinesiological (muscle) testing with EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll), in a highly sophisticated system of energetic systemic nutritional analysis.

We begin by identifying the systems of the body that are under stress: central and peripheral nervous system, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal, digestive, hepatic, respiratory, renal and other physiological systems. Next, we use homeopathic nosodes, nutrition & herbal supplement test vials to help identify the underlying energetic stressors that are causing imbalances or stress in various parts of the body. Then, we monitor the changes that occur over time and identify appropriate adjustments to the individualized protocol, as you become more balanced. The result is a specific, directed & highly effective program of clinically designed nutritional supplementation for your individual health needs.

AIT offers the best nutritional program available to achieve your optimal health goals.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

NRT is one other approach that we may use to help you to be healthier. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN developed it, by integrating many of the methods that he learned in decades of clinical practice and by healing himself from a debilitating illness. With his friend and colleague Lester Bryman, DC, CDN, Dr. Ulan did extensive research into the field of nutrition; studying the research and work of the “founding fathers” of nutrition: Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Dr. Melvin E. Page and Dr. Weston A. Price. He traveled the country for nearly 10 years, teaching thousands of health care practitioners about Nutrition Response Testing.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body for imbalances and assessing its needs. Our muscles can become stronger or weaker in response to many internal and external influences. The general strength or weakness provides information on energy flow within the body that is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Modern medicine has shown that electrical energy flows through nerves to every cell in the body. An example of energy flow has been demonstrated by the electrocardiograph machine, which provides a graphic recording from the body’s surface of the electric currents generated by the heart.

Muscle testing is performed by applying slight pressure to an outstretched arm and assessing the strength of the muscle response. Almost any muscle can be used for testing but the arm is the most convenient. The person being tested stands with one arm held out to the side at shoulder level with elbow straightened. The practitioner then applies slight pressure downward at the wrist while the person resists. While the practitioner touches various AcuPoints on the body’s surface, the arm should remain strong if there are no imbalances.

If weakness is found, various substances can be tested at that particular point to see if it can be strengthened. All substances (food, nutritional supplements. herbs, homeopathic remedies, chemicals, vaccines, etc.) have an electromagnetic charge and are capable of affecting the human body in a negative or positive way by interaction with the body’s own electromagnetic charge. This is much like the effect of two magnets being brought together. If the north and south ends of each come close together they attract but if two north ends are brought together, they repel. In the case of muscle testing, if the body is deficient in a nutrient and is needed by a particular organ that is being tested, placing that substance on that AcuPoint will strengthen the arm.

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